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Top 10 tips for cross curricular links in English lessons
Mark Beales, Thailand

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Osis+ Glamination - Smooth Polish Elixir
Osis+ Glamination - Smooth Polish Elixir

Planning a flexible science lesson  in three steps
Kavita Sanghvi, India

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Lively, engaging conversations are always taking place on the Panel. We discuss a wide variety of topics to learn what life in school really looks like, with panellists sharing their views with like-minded educators all over the world.

I would like to see discussions involving our role in conflict alleviation, educating the world, fight poverty, ensuring equality, choosing the right leaders, understanding  diversity, protecting species, food security, etc. All of the UN Sustainable Goals should be part of the discussion.


Theory of Knowledge teacher @ Dhirubhai Ambani International School, India

I believe that the resource you are developing would be very useful. I'd support the development of a resource that could be picked up by any second language learner. The language of Science is challenging for any student especially for those learning in a language other than their native language.  Some syllabuses require knowledge of specific terms which can be tough when understanding concepts may be more important.


 Science teacher @ Vietnam-Australia School Hanoi, Vietnam 

We do an independent reading program where the students are asked to read external to the curriculum. We offer a recommended reading list to encourage students to break out of their comfort zones, but generally the students can just pick anything they want in our library and read it. We do this four times a year and have students do a sort of extra-credit task in response, which might just be a book talk or making a new cover for the book or writing a blind synopsis -- usually something creative but at least one task should build on skills they have learned over the course of the year to develop their ability to think about what they read. 


English teacher @ The Ostrava International School, Czech Republic

What I am trying to achieve is to expose the students to the widest possible range of real world cases as possible throughout the course and for them to be able to apply their theoretical and concepts learnt to these real world situations.  Also to encourage them to read widely for themselves and to be able to select their own articles to analyse for their coursework.  To become critical thinkers and to be aware of bias etc in its many forms. 


Economics teacher @ Vienna International School, Austria

I encourage all my students (from 11 yrs old) to check their own work using all available resources - not just answers at the back of the book. This is an important stage in the development of more complex metacognitive skills. Self-regulation requires an awareness of my own potential to make mistakes, and seeking ways to correct those. 


Mathematics teacher @ Uruguayan American School, Uruguay

Collective long term planning and lesson planning is definitely effective. At school we always do collective planning in order to bridge the possible gaps between different year groups that we may have identified during the year. Weekly, we do collective lesson planning. It helps us to discuss which method of teaching that would be appropriate for a particular topic.  

Head of Mathematics @ Azzan Bin Qais International School, Oman


From writing blog posts to featuring in our podcast, there are many opportunities to get involved with our publishing, including paid projects such as reviewing manuscripts.

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Osis+ Glamination - Smooth Polish Elixir
Osis+ Glamination - Smooth Polish Elixir
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Osis+ Glamination - Smooth Polish Elixir
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